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Schleich 70773 Pearl Collectable Unicorn Series 6

Schleich 70773 Pearl Collectable Unicorn Series 6

Model Number: Schleich70773

£5.00 GBP

Schleich Bayala Pearl

Item no: 70773

From Series 6 of the Collectable Unicorns Assortment.

The collectible unicorn Pearl really lives up to its name: its white coat shimmers matte just like a pearl. On its flank it bears a pretty tattoo with a large pearl in a shell. The legs are lightly sprinkled with glitter. Its mane is especially beautiful. Like the tail, the thick hair shimmers in shades of purple and blue. This beauty can really turn heads in the playroom.


The Pearl unicorn looks so delicate with its white shimmering coat and delicate violet-light blue mane, that you wouldn’t believe what a lively temperament it can have. But if you look closely, you can see the adventurous flash in its friendly black eyes. If you see the unicorn foal curiously pricking up its pointed ears, you can be sure its about to canter off on a new adventure with its friends. It must have run through a cloud of stardust during one of its explorations though, as its legs are still full of glitter! You can see it together with the rest of the herd on a beautiful poster.
Launch: 01.07.2023