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Schleich 42575 Magical Underwater Tournament

Schleich 42575 Magical Underwater Tournament

Model Number: Schleich42575

£21.00 GBP

Schleich Bayala Magical Underwater Tournament


Two beautiful mythological creatures are competing in a test of aquatic agility and speed. In lane 1, it's the unicorn with the tail fin of a mermaid. In lane 2, it's the hippocampus – part horse, part fish. They crouch eagerly at the starting line. A gurgle of bubbles signals the start of the race...and there they go! Who will win this underwater obstacle course? You decide!

Contents: 1x Slide element, 1x tunnel element, 1x shell chest, 1x pearl marble, 1x Seahorse, 1x Hippocampus Foal, 2x platform, 1x ring, 1x double C-clip, 1x crossbar, 3x bunting, 1x flag, 2x tournament ring, play ring, stickers

Launch: 01.07.2022