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Schleich 70567 Fairy Marween with Glitter Unicorn

Schleich 70567 Fairy Marween with Glitter Unicorn

Model Number: Schleich70567

£17.00 GBP
Schleich Bayala Fairy Marween with glitter unicorn

Item no: 70567

All Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. Unicorns are actually very shy and dignified beings, and so you should be very cautious when dealing with them. But that's not the case with Marween and her glistening unicorn. And Marween’s life is just as colourful as she is. She and her unicorn romp across the meadows of bayala, dash through the streets of the elf town and constantly try out new tricks. One evening, the two of them were trotting through warm summer rain in the moonlight when Marween laughed heartily. The raindrops seemed like liquid gold and since that day, they both glisten in the sunlight with gold sparkles. Do you want to go on new adventures with them?

1 x elf Marween, 1 x unicorn, 1 x raccoon

Launch: 01.07.2018