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Alizee Froment The Spirit of Dressage DVD Enjoy Riding Without a Bit

Alizee Froment The Spirit of Dressage DVD Enjoy Riding Without a Bit

Model Number: 82706100905

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Alizee Froment
the spirit of dressage

Enjoy riding without a bit
Now we are free to be simply us

"Enjoy riding without a bit
What rider has never dreamed of being as one with their horse? Of being able to do all the difficult movements from the Haute Eccole with a bitless bridle, a simple rope or even from the ground with the horse totally free by their side. This is exactly what Alizee Froment accomplishes with her horses. The successful international dressage rider's main aim is always to build a strong relationship with her horses so they can learn even the hardest dressage movements with serenity, pleasure and happiness. She has internalised the words of her friend Jean-Francois Pignon: "if you wnat ot work withh horses, then you have to learn the horse's language."

This film shows Alizee's daily training and gives insights into the special way she combines the art of Classical Dressage with the magic of liberty work. Horses that you will meet in the film are:

Petit Pirate, a 5-year-old Welsh A stallion with a huge personality: groundwork at liberty
Aaslan, a 3-year-old PRE stallion with an impressive mind: gymnastic work, groundwork and bitless work
Sultan du Coussoul, a 9-year-old Lusitano gelding, son of the famous Mistral: gymnastic work, bitless work, groundwork at libery and ridden work
And finally the famous Mistral du Coussoul, a 15-year-old Lusitano stallion: bitless work and liberty work.

Alizee Froment is a successful international Grand Prix dressage and show rider, performing all over the world and well-known for her liiberty work. She was also trainer and selector for the French Dressage Pony Team for 5 years and trains riders all over Europe. She discovered the dressage world quite late, when she was 18, with Philippe Limousin, Master of the famous Cadre Noir de Saumur, and improved immensely with Hubert Perring, the trainer who brought Mistral and Alizee up to Grand Prix level and taught her all the gymnastic exercises that she now uses every day."

Approx. 69 mins.