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Enjoying Dressage 2 with Richard Davison DVD

Enjoying Dressage 2 with Richard Davison DVD

Model Number: 802741016261

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"This is an easy to learn guide which everyone will find easy to watch and understand.

Filmed at the Davison's home this is the second programme in the Enjoying Dressage series and Richard gives a masterclass ont he following subjects:-

1 The Rider's Seat - Learn how to sit as easy and comfortable as the professionals
Richard rides Hiscox's Artemis and clearly demonstrates the correct position and use of the rider's seat, legs and upper body in walk, trot and canter.

2 Getting structure to your training session and flow in your lateral work
Split into 4 sections- warm up, response, the lesson and cooling down. Richard rides Hiscoz's Aliano and demonstrates how to develop leg-yielding, travers, shoulder in and half pass.

3 How to get an uphill canter and spring into flying changes
In this section Gillian Davison rides Hiscox Komanchi with Richard giving the lesson from the ground. Working canter pirouettes and flying changes are the focus with special attention given to achieving an 'up hill' balance.

4 Assessing The Young Horse - determining the training path ahead
Gillian Davison rides the athletic 4 year old Bubblingh, who is out of Richard's former Olympic mare Ballaseyr Royrale and by Lingh, formerly ridden by Edward Gal. Richard explains the things to look for in a horse's walk, trot and canter as well as tell tale pointers to the horse's character which determine the training path.

5 Extra curricula training
Richard emphasises the need to use a holistic approach to training the dressage horse and rider. In this section he discusses the overall management and demonstrates a basic pole and jumping exercise which keep dressage horses and their riders athletic and confident."

Approx. 75 mins.