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Horse Hero Laura Bechtolsheimer Progresses Her Youngsters Part 1 DVD

Horse Hero Laura Bechtolsheimer Progresses Her Youngsters Part 1 DVD

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Horse Hero

Laura Bechtolsheimer Progresses Her Youngsters
Part 1


WEG silver medalist Laura Bechtolsheimer and her trainer and father Dr B, develop their talented youngsters in a sympathetic and purposeful way. Dr B says patience is the key. Progressing from 'baby' work in previous DVDs, Step and Teddy have now matured as 5 year olds. This two-part DVD offers priceless insight into the thinking and training of one of the world's top dressage riders.

The youngest rider to win the National Championships and to represent Great Britain in dressage, Laura made her Olympic debut in 2008. In 2009 she took team silver and individual bronze medals at the European Championships in 2010, she won three silver medals at the World Equestrian Games.

Horse Hero's Fiona Price talks to Laura B at the Bechtolsheimer's fabulous yard

Progressing Steps' early work
Dr B says Step is progressing correctly but patience is the key. He explains how to build balanced muscles and says every aid must have a purpose. The art is for the horse not to notice he is being worked, so more intense training is in short bursts only.

Step begins baby lateral work
Lateral work develops suppleness and builds strength in the hind quarters. The scales of training are in eveidence, namely working in relaxed gaits, stepping forward into the contact and creating impulsion which leads to collection.

Working on balance with Teddy
Teddy is a super-talented giant but his progress has been slowed because of his size. He has natural lift and fabulous rhythm but "riding Teddy is like trying to steer the Titanic through a slalom course", says Laura! She works on balance and straightness to improve Teddy's stability.

Organising Teddy's huge canter
Starting with half halts in the canter, the aim is to collect Teddy but maintain a forward stride and be able to let go with the hand. THe fun starts when the canter gets bigger and bigger. Laura says "it's essential that Teddy goes forward into the contact whatever happens!"

Approx. 60 mins.