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Shire Album 53: The Harness Horse by Edward and Audrey Hart

Shire Album 53: The Harness Horse by Edward and Audrey Hart

Model Number: 9780747802464

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A well turned-out horse-drawn vehicle always causes heads to turn as it goes by: it is a graceful sight. Although the forms most people have seen are the carriages used in state processions and the occasional brewer’s dray, an increasing number of horse-drawn vehicles are in use in competitive driving and many types of light vehicle can be seen at rallies all over Britain. The horses and ponies that are driven range from Shires to Shetlands. This book describes the horses, the harness, the vehicles and the events in which overall appearance, driving skills and stamina are tested.

Edward Hart’s earliest memories are of the sound of horses’ hooves and the jingle of harness. He was brought up near an army camp outside York, from where a line of horses was exercised daily. While still at school he worked with horses on the farm, and later he became a regular correspondent of various equine magazines. His twenty books on farming and the countryside include The Heavy Horse in this series.

His wife Audrey breaks and trains young horses for driving and drives her own mare in Light Trade classes. She is a reporter and an accomplished photographer.