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Conformation For The Purpose by Susan McBane

Conformation For The Purpose by Susan McBane

Model Number: 9781840370522

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Conformation For The Purpose: The make, shape and performance of the horse by Susan McBane

This book is a straightforward guide to the seemingly complicated world of conformation. It is essential to know what comprises good and bad conformation and how different equine types are suited to different tasks.  Forcing a badly or unsuitably conformed horse to do a particular movement or to work in a certain way can cause temperament and behaviour problems as well as distress.  This book gives excellent advice about which types of conformation are suitable for different purposes, such as the many types of racing (sprinting, hurdling, steeplechasing and endurance) and jumping.  Riding or show horses, polo ponies and horses suited for light carriage work are also covered.  The structure and function of the skeleton are examined, with an explanation of the natural purpose it has been evolved for and how our artificial demands affect it.  Muscular and nervous functions are discussed in relation to biomechanics and performance, and the development and conformation of individual breeds and types are assessed and explained.  Conformation for the Purpose is an indispensable guide packed with helpful and thought-provoking information.