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Schleich 70774 Ruby Collectable Unicorn Series 6

Schleich 70774 Ruby Collectable Unicorn Series 6

Model Number: Schleich70774

£5.00 GBP

Schleich Bayala Ruby

Item no: 70774

From Series 6 of the Collectable Unicorns Assortment.

The cute collectible unicorn Ruby is a very young foal. It jumps around merrily on its long legs. Look how cute it is! The red glitter mane blazes like a crest of fire and the short glitter tail is perked up. The creamy white coat goes perfectly with the reddish contrasting legs. A beautiful heart tattoo is emblazoned on its light flank.

Ruby belongs to the younger foals in the herd of crystal unicorns. It likes to prance happily across the meadow. There is so much to discover! The fiery red glittery mane flutters in the wind while it makes exuberant jumps. Hooray, a new day to play! With so much exuberance, you simply have to join in and play along, don't you? By the way, the poster of ruby and friends would look just wonderful in the playroom.

Launch: 01.07.2023