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Schleich 70157 Battle Rhino

Schleich 70157 Battle Rhino

Model Number: Schleich70157

£18.50 GBP

Schleich Eldrador Battle Rhino

Item no: 70157

You can tell right away that the Battle Rhino is from the Stone World. Its body armor looks like it's made of hard rock. Isn't that even a bit of moss growing on its broad back? Moving its head up and down, it's on the look out for enemies. It is happy to take anyone on with its pointed horn. It's dangerously serrated, transparent with a greenish shimmer. Better keep your distance!

The Battle Rhino stomps through Eldrador with its ten-ton body. It doesn't look like it as much of a sense of humor, either. Small eyes narrowed, this fighter has a mean glint in its eye. It knows exactly if you are planning to challenge it and will not hesitate to attack. The Battle Rhino looks like a rock that isn't going anywhere fast. But that impression is misleading! When it gets really angry, it can turbo-charge, taking a run-up and threatening its opponent with its dangerous, transparent horn.

Launch: 01.07.2023