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Schleich 42624 Antarctic Expedition

Schleich 42624 Antarctic Expedition

Model Number: Schleich42624

£28.00 GBP
Schleich Wild Life Antarctic Expedition


Brrrr! It sure is chilly on the snow-covered ice sheet of Antarctica! Blankets and a warm cup of peppermint tea await you back at base camp, but for now, it's just you and the huskies and the frigid wind. What is it that draws Ranger Tom out into the cold? A lost penguin? A search for a secret passage? Maybe he's just making a coffee run? One thing's for sure: This story can go wherever you want to take it!

Contents: 1x Ranger Tom, 2x Husky, 1x Emperor penguin chick, 2x harness for attaching, 1x suitcase, 1x feeding bowl, 2x bone, 1x bandage, 1x binoculars, 1x balm, 1x dogsled with cover, 1x igloo with slide, 1x sticker sheet

Launch: 01.07.2022