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Schleich 42617 Grooming Station

Schleich 42617 Grooming Station

Model Number: Schleich42617

£45.00 GBP

Schleich Horse Club Grooming Station

Item no: 42617

Discover the world through play with the authentic and detailed figures from schleich®.  They look so real, they may just start to run!  This schleich® product is part of the HORSE CLUB Sofia’s Beauties theme world and is suitable for children between 4 and 10 years of age.

The perfect place to groom and style a horse!  The horse grooming station from schleich® has everything you need for your horse’s hair care. A wide variety of brushes, sponges and even a hairdryer are ready in the drawer. The horse can stand on a turntable so that you can style it perfectly from all sides.

In the horse grooming station from schleich®, horse and rider get to style themselves together!  After grooming, you can add colorful clips to the mane. The final touch is the horse blanket, which matches the rider’s vest exactly. You get to admire your handiwork on the rotating platform.

To make sure everyone knows you belong together, the horse and rider have a matching look: the horse blanket and vest have the same pattern and even the gaiters match the armband.

You can put your horse on the turntable so you can style it perfectly from all sides.

Beauty Horse with mane you can comb and switch out!  Fully moveable figure!

Contents: 1x Beauty Horse, 1x human figure, 1x horse grooming station, 1x drawer, 12x hair clip, 14x hair pearl, 4x hair flower, 4x hair bow, 1x finger comb, 1x finger sponge, 1x hair brush, 1x hair dryer, 1x horse blanket, 1x vest, 1x hair strand, 4x gaiters, 1x bracelet

Launch: 01.06.2023