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Schleich 42612 Obstacle Accessories Show Jumps Set Fences

Schleich 42612 Obstacle Accessories Show Jumps Set Fences

Model Number: Schleich42612

£23.00 GBP

Schleich Horse Club Obstacle Accessories

Item no: 42612

Is the obstacle still too high for the horse or can it manage the jump? If it does break a pole, you’ll have to start practicing with a lower obstacle. The height of the poles can be adjusted. Or maybe your horse prefers the water ditch. There are two of them with different levels of difficulty. Either way, horse and rider are perfectly equipped for the tournament with this set.

Training is fun, but winning at the show jump is even better! With the obstacles from the HORSE CLUB by schleich® you can do both. For optimal training, the height of the obstacles can be changed gradually. This way, you can introduce the horses to jumping gradually, depending on their ability, and improve their technique bit by bit. When they are ready, it’s off to the real show. There’s even a ditch and a hedge with a water basin in front of it. It’s a good thing you trained so well beforehand!

Contents: 3x obstacles, 1x water ditch, 2x water jump hurdle, 1x water jump hedge, 9x directional flag

Launch: 01.03.2023