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Schleich 42606 Red Barn with Animals and Accessories

Schleich 42606 Red Barn with Animals and Accessories

Model Number: Schleich42606

£105.00 GBP

Schleich Farm World Red Barn with Animals and Accessories

Item no: 42606

On Farmer Paul's big farm, everyone lives under one roof. Paul has his bedroom behind the pretty mullioned windows with flower boxes in front of it, and the animals sleep in the cozy barn. During the day they come to the sunny pasture, only to eat all like to gather in the yard. Then Paul sets the feed carousel in motion and fetches fresh hay from the hayloft with the winch.

When Farmer Paul looks out of the window of his big red farmhouse in the mornings, his animals are already wide awake. So even before he gets to eat his own breakfast, he makes sure to feed the cow, calf, pig and piglet. The cat also gets a saucer of milk, although it was supposed to catch the curious mouse in the hayloft. Once all the animals are fed, Farmer Paul uses the winch to move the hay to the hayloft. He drives the animals out to pasture so that he can clean the stalls properly. The dove watches him from its little house on the roof and sometimes coos, "You've missed a bit!"

Contents: 1x farm building, 1x Farmer Paul, 1x cow, 1x calf, 1x pig, 1x piglet, 1x cat, 1x dove, 1x mouse, 1x dovecote, 2x flower box, 2x straw feeder, 4x fence long, 2x fence short, 1x crane with winch, 1x feed carousel, 1x hay hollow, 1x water hose, 1x ladder, 1x feed box, 1x rack, 1x bowl, 1x feeding bottle, 1x cow brush, 1x feeding trough, 1x pitchfork, 1x spikeable hay, 1x broom, 1x wheelbarrow, 1x bucket, 1x straw bale, 1x hay bale, 8x carrots, 6x apples, 1x eggs, 1x sticker sheet

Launch: 01.07.2023