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Schleich 42603 Moose with Calf

Schleich 42603 Moose with Calf

Model Number: Schleich42603

£15.50 GBP

Schleich Wild Life Moose with Calf

Item no: 42603

The Moose cow has a long muzzle with which she can smell juicy grass from afar. The tuft of grass at her feet tastes so good, she’d love to find some more. But her little calf isn’t interested in the green stuff yet. It prefers to drink from its mother, which beats greens for now!

The elegant moose cow cares lovingly for her little calf. She gives it milk several times a day. To keep her strength up, she eats a lot of fresh grass. While the calf is romping around, she is on the lookout for a lush meadow. When she gets the scent of some juicy grass, she strides off with big steps ahead through the forest with her calf following behind. It’s happy to learn everything its mom has to teach – so that it can soon go explore the world on its own!

Contents: 1x Moose, 1x Moose Calf, 1x tuft of grass

Launch: 01.01.2023