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Schleich 42583 Beauty Horse Quarter Horse Mare

Schleich 42583 Beauty Horse Quarter Horse Mare

Model Number: Schleich42583

£21.00 GBP

Schleich Horse Club Beauty Horse Quarter Horse Mare


Pre-order. This item is due to come into stock in September. However, this is subject to change. This will be dispatched as soon as it is in stock.

The Beauty Horse Quarter Horse has a mane that just keeps growing! Luckily, she's a fast sprinter, which means she'll have time to visit the Horse Beauty Salon for a braid after her next race. She just loooooooooves the beads she gets at the salon. Pink or mauve beads today? Decide's time for another quarter mile sprint!

Contents: 1x Quarter Horse Mare with brushable mane and tail, 1x hairclips, 1x hair beads, 1x finger brush

Launch: 01.09.2022