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Schleich 42565 Dinosaurs Truck Mission

Schleich 42565 Dinosaurs Truck Mission

Model Number: Schleich42565

£60.00 GBP
Schleich Dinosaurs Dino Transport Mission


The giant triceratops has spied a leafy green snack in the jungle: A salad bar of prehistoric proportions. Watch out, it's a trap!!! Too late: The dinosaur's Cretaceous appetite has led the triceratops into a perilous swamp. Can you help researcher Luis Colby rescue the ensnared dino? Or will certain doom await? Where the story goes next is up to you!

Contents: 1x truck with loading ramp, 1x cage, 1x crane, 1x machete, 1x smartwatch communicator, 1x secret drawer, 1x carrying sling, 1x swamp hole, 2x liana mat, 1x Ranger Luis, 1x Triceratops, 1x sticker sheet

Launch: 01.07.2022