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Schleich 42548 Eldrador Mini Creatures Jungle Robot

Schleich 42548 Eldrador Mini Creatures Jungle Robot

Model Number: Schleich42548

£15.00 GBP
Schleich Eldrador Mini Creatures Jungle Robot

Item no: 42548

The super strong Eldrador Mini Creatures Jungle Robot from Schleich® Eldrador® Creatures has been a great help to the Jungle World: His movable arms and exchangeable razor-sharp jungle chainsaw let him help the Mini Creatures clear the Jungle World of hanging lianas and fallen trees. But as soon as one of the ferocious Mini Creatures takes over control of the robot, the machine makes kindling of the other worlds. The Jungle Lord, leader of the Mini Creatures in the Jungle World, likes to sit himsfairy there too. The little troublemaker is made of powerful crystal, and is almost invincible. With him at the helm, the Jungle Robot can cut up lava, ice and stone, and transform them into dangerous missiles. The exchangeable weapon can even cover whole areas with slippery moss! Grass grows in his footprints wherever the Jungle Robot treads!

All Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play.

1x robot, 1x weapon, 1x mini figurine

Launch: 01.08.2021