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Schleich 70158 Shadow Stone Monster

Schleich 70158 Shadow Stone Monster

Model Number: Schleich70158

£27.00 GBP

Schleich Eldrador Shadow Stone Monster

Item no: 70158

The sight of the Shadow Stone Monster chills you to the bone. It looks so scary. With arms spread wide and huge paws, it grabs its enemies, mouth gaping wide in a terrifying roar. It's so big that there is hardly any escape. In a flash, it turns its upper body from left to right and with giant strides catches up with anyone who tries to escape.

You'd probably rather not meet the Shadow Stone Monster in person! As a Stone Monster it was already pretty scary. But then it fell in battle with a stronger opponent. Now it has mutated into the Shadow Stone Monster and is more frightening than ever! On huge feet, it stomps through the terrain and waves its claws in the air. No grass or flowers will grow on earth that it thumps with its fist. The Shadow Stone Monster throws sharp, transparent crystals at its enemies. If that doesn't make you run for your life, it will scare you with a bloodcurdling scream from its huge gaping mouth. Let's get out of here!


Launch: 01.07.2023