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*pre-order* Schleich 42656 Dino Temple Conquest Mega-Set

*pre-order* Schleich 42656 Dino Temple Conquest Mega-Set

Model Number: Schleich42656

£165.00 GBP

Pre-order.  September release.  However, this is subject to change.  This will be dispatched as soon as it is in stock.

Payment plans are also available to help spread the costs.  20% non-refundable deposit secures your item(s), with full payment completed prior to dispatch.  For further details or to set this up, please contact us via email or contact us via our Facebook page


Schleich Dinosaurs Dino Temple Conquest Mega-Set

Item no: 42656

All Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. Discover the world through play with the authentic and detailed figures from schleich®. They look so real, they may just start to run! schleich® products inspire the imagination and guarantee an educational play experience full of adventure.

The Colby brothers discover new adventures in the Amazon!

To get to the well-guarded dinosaur treasure, Flynn needs to overcome many tricky puzzle obstacles and navigate past the dangerous dinosaur.

The steps to the temple have crumbled! Flynn has a long, obstacle-filled path to travel!


In Dino Temple Conquest, Flynn has to pass the dangerous dinos guarding the temple on his way to the treasure. The steps can be reassembled, so they are different every time. Along the way, Flynn has to solve lots of puzzles: Key parts are hidden in secret hiding places. When put together properly, he can use it to open the temple. Will he succeed?

Flynn is dying to get into the temple! There is a valuable treasure hidden in there. The problem is - the temple is being guarded by two dinos - the Monolophosaurus and the Postosuchus! The two carnivores follow him at every turn. Now he not only needs to find the right way, but also escape from the dinos. The temple complex is a real obstacle course. It looks different every time, because it can always be reassembled. Dangers lurk at every corner. Carefully, Flynn balances across the rotten suspension bridge. Done. The temple is right in front of him now. He is climbing the steps when suddenly they turn into a slide. Help! How can he get out of this room? When he finds the right combination of switches, the wall swivels and clears the way. That was hard! And now he still has to find all the key parts for the temple door in the secret hiding places. Before he finishes, he falls into a mesh trap. Who can help him out?

The staircase becomes a slide at the touch of a button. In the drop pit, turning the outer ring does not cause all the floor elements to fall in!
Watch out! On the suspension bridge some of the logs are already rotting through and dangerous!
You can adjust the closing mechanism by moving the lever on the grille trap.
You can either be locked up completely, or keep the path completely free or block the path in only one direction, in order to stop your enemies in their pursuit!
In the tower trap, the right combination of buttons need to be pressed to bring down the tower. This not only reveals the secret hiding place with the key, but the tower also becomes a path to escape!
In the temple, the door can be opened with the right combination of buttons!
Watch out –  there are revolving walls in the temple, which open the way to secret hiding places!
All the eggshell segments need to be gathered along the way and put together to form an egg. This is the only way to get the key to open the temple with the large rotating disc in the ground!
To get to the lower floor of the temple you have to be brave enough to slide down the zipline!
In the temple there is a secret spiral staircase that can also help you to get down!
Once the treasure is found, the right button needs to be pressed to gain access. If you choose the wrong button, the treasure will be made inaccessible forever!

Each obstacle contains a small puzzle that must be solved in order to overcome it.

The path to the temple can be put together modularly!

Lots of secret hiding places.

The temple can be opened with a key!

The dinosaurs have movable jaws.

The closing mechanism of the grille trap can be adjusted with a lever.

The schleich® product belongs to the DINOSAURS theme world and is suitable for children between 5 and 12 years.


Contents: 1x Monolophosaurus, 1x Postosuchus, 1x Flynn, 1x Dino Temple, 1x tower trap, 1x stairs, 1x pitfall pit, 1x grille trap, 1x suspension bridge, 2x stone bridge front, 2x stone bridge end, 8x stone bridge middle, 5x monstera, 6x climbing plant, 1x backpack, 1x torch, 1x machete, 1x shovel, 1x rope, 1x dino treasure, 3x eggshell segment

Launch: 01.09.2024