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Schleich 42628 Axolotl Discovery Set

Schleich 42628 Axolotl Discovery Set

Model Number: Schleich42628

£28.00 GBP

Schleich Bayala Axolotl Discovery Set

Item no: 42628

With the transparent fin on their backs, the three friendly Axolotl from Meamare just look great! Like little water dragons, they watch curiously to see what’s going on around them.

The three friendly Axolotls are at home in BAYALA® and live there in Meamare. You can see that they are magical – or have you ever encountered normal beings with a transparent fin on their backs and glitter on their bodies?

Contents: 1x large Axolotl 2x small Axolotl

Launch: 01.01.2023