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Schleich 13923 Pura Raza Española Stallion

Schleich 13923 Pura Raza Española Stallion

Model Number: Schleich13923

£7.50 GBP
Schleich Horse Club Pura Raza Española Stallion

Item no: 13923

The Pura Raza Española Stallion from Schleich® Horse Club is a proud black horse with an elegant arching neck, a noble head shape, a long, flowing mane and a luxuriant tail. Horses of this breed are often mistaken for Andalusians, and vice versa. This comes as no surprise because they are a separate breeding line within the Andalusians. The stud books are kept according to fixed rules to differentiate them from other horses.

Contents: 1x Pura Raza Española Stallion

Launch: 01.01.2021