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Breyer 6928 Stablemates PERIDOT Unicorn Breyer Unicorn Treasures

Breyer 6928 Stablemates PERIDOT Unicorn Breyer Unicorn Treasures

Model Number: Breyer6928 Peridot

£5.50 GBP



Unicorn Treasures


Individual Stablemates Unicorn

1:32 scale

With their gemstone hues, these precious unicorns are sure to become treasured additions to your herd! There are six different styles, each one with its own beautiful gem colour!

Opal, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Peridot, Topaz and Citrine

Collect all 6 unicorns!

Highly collectable and sized just right at 1:32 in scale to take along on any adventure, Breyer Stablemates are the perfect introduction to the world of Breyer! A wide range of accessories and playsets creates an engaging world that can easily be built upon for a lifetime of collectability by adults and children alike!

The colour range for peridot is narrow, from a brown-green colour to yellowish green to pure green and are often found in volcanic rocks. But you don’t need to go mining for yours. Just grab this stunning Unicorn Treasure who wears its colour so well.