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 *pre-order* Breyer 10072 Elements Series Wood TEAK Thoroughbred

*pre-order* Breyer 10072 Elements Series Wood TEAK Thoroughbred

Model Number: Breyer10072 Teak

£32.00 GBP



Elements Series

Teak Wood

This listing is for Teak.  Each horse in the series is listed separately.

These items are sent as an assortment and we cannot guarantee the quantities we will receive. We will fulfill orders on a first come first served basis, in the order they are received.  However, we may not be able to fulfill all orders. If you would be happy to receive an alternative, please inform us of your alternative preference(s) via note at checkout or email to 

Freedom Series 1:12 scale.

Pre-order.  This item is expected into stock in early June. However, this is subject to change.  This will be dispatched as soon as it is in stock.

Payment plans are also available to help spread the costs.  20% non-refundable deposit secures your item(s), with full payment completed prior to dispatch.  For further details or to set this up, please contact us via email or contact us via our Facebook page


Introducing our new Element Series! This collection features magnificent Freedom Series decorator horses reflecting the five elements: earth, water, fire, metal, and wood . Each model breed represents their respective element attributes through beautiful hand-painted decoration that brings these elements to life!

Teak is a poised Thoroughbred who captures the self-confident and competitive image of  a wood-type horse. She proudly showcases her woodgrain patterning that represents the natural layering of wood.

Iridium is a focused stock horse who represents the tough and hard-working metal-type horse.  Her glossy, shimmering silver coat represents the second-densest natural metal, iridium.

Terran is a stunning draft horse who radiates the strong and steady image of an earth-type horse.  His shimmery brown coat and earthy green accents represent nutrient-rich soil with the first signs of new growth.

Kai is a striking Morgan stallion who embodies flowing water and captures the elegance of a water-type horse. His deep blue coat and shimmering silver accents represent the ocean waves glistening in the sunlight.

Brandell is a powerful rearing Mustang who embodies the beautiful and eye-catching properties of a fire and the uniqueness of a fire-type horse.  He is reminiscent of burning charcoals with his shimmery smokey black coat and fiery accents.

Each randomly assorted model features a beautiful custom box highlighting each unique element and the horse breed connected to them.