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Discovering Horse-drawn Vehicles by D.J. Smith

Discovering Horse-drawn Vehicles by D.J. Smith

Model Number: 9780747802082

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This book outlines the development of horse-drawn vehicles form their inception to the present day. It is an evocation of state and civic dignity, recalling the efforts of magnificent Shire horses and humble but hard-working cobs or ‘vanners’. Although mechanical transport has replaced stage-coach, hansom cab and family brougham, there has been a revival of interest in leisure and competitive driving, as a result of which older vehicles have been restored and new types introduced. Vehicles of historical interest are to be found in numerous local history and transport museums, while others have found a new purpose on film and television sets or in publicity enterprises. All heads are turned as a wedding couple leave the church in an open carriage, while commercial horse drays are frequently claimed to be cheaper, within a small radius, than motor vans. It now seems that the future of horse-drawn vehicles has been assured by the enthusiasm of amateurs, aided by devoted professionals, and the revival of harness horse parades in some of the larger cities. This book will assist the identification of different vehicles and describes their purpose, history, working parts and the materials used.