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The World's Stupidest Husbands

The World's Stupidest Husbands

Model Number: 9781843171683

£3.99 GBP
Another great title in "The World's Stupidest" series, and a long-overdue exploration of the utter stupidity of husbands. "The World's Stupidest Husbands" documents bizarre matrimonial tales, outrageous quips and quotes from the funniest writers, and jokes, musings, and one-liners, each and every one about the glorious institution of marriage and the male monsters it creates. It is the perfect gift for a harried wife, or a bone-idle husband! If there exists a universally recognized stereotype guaranteed to provoke laughter, pity and disgust in equal measure, then surely it must be the Incompetent, Impotent, hapless and feckless husband - and the hilarious "The World's Stupidest Husbands" celebrates them, one and all. Throughout history and in every guise, from Shakespeare's cuckolds to Homer from "The Simpsons", the traditional perception of male supremacy has been subtly yet comprehensively deflated by the prick of the humour needle, skillfully wielded by legions of writers, poets, wits and entertainers - and not all of them women. From the stable of the "The World's Stupidest" series, which includes the bestselling "The World Stupidest Signs", "The World's Stupidest Husbands" is an hilarious and uplifting read for all women who've ever suffered first-hand the indignity of having the corner of their living room occupied by an indolent, hairy, unwashed creature that scratches its nether regions with the dock work regularity of Big Ben - and we don't mean the dog - "The World's Stupidest Husbands" is a welcome antidote; or perhaps, for that 'special' man in your life, a much-anticipated wake-up call!