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The Complete Fisherman by Ian Ball

The Complete Fisherman by Ian Ball

Model Number: 9781899606016

£4.99 GBP
You can become as wily as the most elusive prize fish. Whether your sporting instinct rises to the thrill of freshwater, sea or trout fishing, here in one comprehensive book, are to be found the art and the methods that will guarantee tight lines – and transform occasional luck into consistent success!

Discover how fish think and how to “read” nature’s signposts as to where they life. Identify species form the superb drawings. Know which knots, tackle, lures and techniques are best suited to individual characteristics and habitats.

Throughout this book, advanced angling skills born of long experience extend sound basic methods. Ian Ball’s clarity and enthusiasm will delight old hands as much as they will speed beginners’ progress. You will soon catch more and bigger fish and rarely, if ever, let that big one get away!