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Body Sense by Sally A. Tottle

Body Sense by Sally A. Tottle

Model Number: 9781872119076

£17.95 GBP
The Alexander Technique was founded over a century ago by Australian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander to enhance the way we breathe and move. In recent years, the technique has become increasingly popular as the importance of the mind-body connection gains acceptance. This technique offers a unique way of improving balance, coordination, and mobility of the human body with methods that free the body of unnecessary muscular tension, which can cause fatigue, pain, and limited movement.

Now, this innovative guide combines Alexander Technique principles with thorough riding instruction to help riders improve their skills. Author Sally Tottle clearly explains posture, muscle tone and sensitivity, breathing, balance, sense of feel, the independent seat, horse and rider communication, and poise in performance. The Alexander Technique is particularly well suited to riders: the horse acts as a monitor for the improved use of the human body and responds positively as his rider becomes more balanced, sensitive, and confident. As a result of this refined “body sense”, the performance of both horse and rider improves.

Filled with crisp photos and details drawings, BodySense will help both novice and experiences riders improve their position, and as a result, the performance of their horse.