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Pigs A Guide to Wonderful Wallowing by James Croft

Pigs A Guide to Wonderful Wallowing by James Croft

Model Number: 9781571456571

£2.49 GBP
Pigs are fascinating creatures; they really seem to know how to enjoy themselves, whether rolling in mud, snuffling around for good things to eat, or guzzling garbage at the trough! In this essential guide to pigs James Croft takes us on a hilarious trip to the farm and shows us just what life is like on the other side of the sty!

What do pigs think about while they wallow? How do they see the world? And what do they dream about as they lie snug in the sty? This little book takes a privileged peek into the secret world of pigs and tells you all you ever wanted to know about our friends on the farm!