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Animal Wisdom Harness the Power of Animals to Liberate Your Soul by Susie Green

Animal Wisdom Harness the Power of Animals to Liberate Your Soul by Susie Green

Model Number: 9781904991250

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Animal Wisdom introduces the ancient ways of shamanism, a spiritual practice through which we can learn to 'journey' and discover our animal guides. We all have one or more animal guides, whose appearance brings a magical lesson. By increasing our senstivity to our animals, we begin to enrich our wisdom, heighten our intuitive powers and take the true path of the shaman. Included is a history of shamanic peoples, outlining their cultural beliefs and ceremonies to give a context and understanding of shamanism as a spiritual tradition. You are also given practical advice on how you can embark on your own shamanic journey, through which you can meet your personal animal guide. Through journeying we can ask questions, solve problems, bring about healing and change our physical reality. Learn to perform simple journeying exercises, similar to some visualization techniques, to ask for higher wisdom. Guided journeys are included that tell you how you can reach the lower world, a world similar to our own to meet your power animal, or animal guide. You learn how to recognize your animal and what it represents to you. By studying the characteristics and strength of the animal you can learn more about your potential, and empower yourself to make the best of your future. Also included is a dictionary of more than 120 animals, insects, and birds that we can encounter when journeying. It gives in-depth information on the animal - where it lives, how it hunts and mates, its characteristics and strengths and what it can symbolize for you if it is your current power animal, if you have seen it regularly, or if you are seeking that animal's 'medicine', or strength