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Miniature Horses: A Veterinary Guide for Owners and Breeders by Rebecca L. Frankeny, VMD

Miniature Horses: A Veterinary Guide for Owners and Breeders by Rebecca L. Frankeny, VMD

Model Number: 9780851318820

£15.00 GBP
Some wear to the cover. Through years of selective breeding, Miniature horses have developed into true scaled-down versions of full-sized horses. However despite the similarity in appearance to their larger relatives, with respect to veterinary care, Miniature horses cannot be viewed simply as smaller patients. The rate of occurrence, diagnosis, and treatment of many diseases are affected by their size and unique physiological and metabolic demands.

The error of treating Miniatures in the same manner as their full-sized counterparts often has undesirable consequences. Unfortunately, this misconception regarding the medical treatment of Miniatures is not limited to owners and breeders; some veterinarians unfamiliar with the breed often make the same mistake.

This book provides all the information needed to safely and appropriately treat Miniatures. All the systems of the horse are covered with special attention given to Miniature-specific problems and concerns such as:

Hoof diseases
Abnormalities of growth
Liver dysfunction
Dental irregularities

The manual is made complete with appendices offering normal physical parameters, clinical signs of disease, and resources for Miniature horse owners. It is illustrated throughout with color photos and diagrams.