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Looking at Paintings: Horses by Peggy Roalf

Looking at Paintings: Horses by Peggy Roalf

Model Number: 9781855613164

£3.00 GBP
Looking at Paintings is a series of books designed to present many different painters’ views of a single subject. Here is a visual feast of paintings, each of which shows us something about what great artists see when they paint.

In Horses, Peggy Roalf leads readers on a personal gallery tour of nineteen favourite paintings of horses. From the work of an unknown prehistoric artist to Raphael, Frederic Remington, Bill Traylor and others, each artist’s vision and interpretation of the horse is unique. Some immortalize the strength and power that results from the partnership formed between horse and jockey and a warrior and his mount as shown in Edorard Manet’s Races at Longchamp and Remington’s Blanket Signal. Others, such as Benjamin Marshall’s Favourite Chestnut Hunter of Lady Frances Stephens, celebrates the animal’s sheer physical beauty and the intense love their owners felt for them.

To see through the eyes of many of the world’s greatest painters is to see with the imagination as well. Horses in the Looking at Paintings series is a book that inspires readers to observe their world and to use their imagination to see like a painter.