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The Golden Throng: A Book About Bees by Edwin Way Teale

The Golden Throng: A Book About Bees by Edwin Way Teale

Model Number: 0906670209

£5.00 GBP

The Golden Throng is a fascinating study of the world of the bee.  Edwin Way Teale has a way of communicating his understanding and enthusiasm for nature which is uncommon today, and makes this book one of the best loved of bee books – both for beekeepers and naturalists.

After tracing the prehistory of the bee and the evolution of the insect city, the author sets up his hive and tends it through the year.  He sees the bee shake off her winter drowsiness and start off on her quest for nectar.  He watches wax cells being built, the preparations for the swarm, the birth of the new queen.  He describes her mating flight, the bee nurseries, the expulsion of the drones and the defence mechanisms of the insect community. The whole cycle through to snow-bound winter is made magical not only by the author’s authentic style, but by his photographs, which after nearly forty years are still regarded as some of the most instructive and beautiful pictures known to the beekeeper.  After many years during which the book has been unavailable, the publishers are pleased to produce it in a high quality edition.