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Wise Words and Country Ways Weather Lore by Ruth Binney

Wise Words and Country Ways Weather Lore by Ruth Binney

Model Number: 9780715336298

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Wise Words and Country Ways: Weather Lore by Ruth Binney

An enthralling book that not only satisfies our fascination for the lost wisdom of our ancestors but also indulges the British obsession with the weather.

'Red sky at night, shepherd's delight', is probably the best known of this delightful collection of Wise Words about the weather.

Discover dozens more old fashioned words of wisdom about the patterns of the weather and the natural world and see how to tell fact from fiction.


Wise Words & Country Ways Weather Lore is a captivating collection of old sayings, proverbs and superstitions relating to the weather, that have become embedded in our history and traditions over the centuries, and which have influenced the lives of sailors, farmers, gardeners and people whose livelihoods, and even their personal safety, depended on knowing what the weather might have in store.

Drawing on our love of the natural world and the signs it gives us about the weather and how to predict it, Wise Words & Country Ways Weather Lore explores a wealth of sayings about the weather and its patterns.  Combining old wisdom with new knowledge, Ruth Binney offers intriguing insights into how the weather has shaped our lives and explains how, centuries before scientific weather forecasting, careful observation made it possible to 'read' the weather with remarkable accuracy.