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A.J. Smith's Sporting Clays Masterclass

A.J. Smith's Sporting Clays Masterclass

Model Number: 9781854860491

£3.99 GBP
FITASC shooting is the most demanding and rewarding discipline in the sport of clay shooting. Its growth in recent years has been rapid and success in FITASC is now regarded by sporting clay shooters as the pinnacle of their ambitions.

In this book, written in conjunction with journalist Tony Hoare, A.J. ‘Smoker’ Smith, one of the world’s greatest shots and twice world FITASC champion, reveals how to become a winner in the discipline. He outlines the history of FITASC, compares the old system with the new ‘straight through’ version and describes a variety of competition targets and layouts he has shot.

He also gives advice on how to tackle the different targets and spells out the golden rules for shooting ‘doubles’ – they key to successful FITASC shooting. He concludes by considering the future of FITASC, particularly in the UK and USA.

The book is profusely illustrated with photographs and line drawings, and a final chapter contains the complete rules of FITASC Sporting, available for the first time in book form.

A.J. Smith’s Sporting Clays Masterclass is the definitive book on this exciting sport and will be invaluable reading for clay shooters everywhere.