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A Concise Guide to Trees

A Concise Guide to Trees

Model Number: 9781405488013

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Trees are the world's most complex and successful plants. Tellingly, the oldest and largest living things on Earth today are trees which is a tribute to their longevity and ability to survive. Ever since trees first appeared on our planet, over 370 million years ago, they have played a vital role in climate regulation, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Trees exist in an astonishingly diverse range of forms, often ingeniously adapted to the environment around them. Throughout human history, mankind has used trees in a huge variety of ways. All around the globe, trees have provided human beings with the materials for fuel and shelter as well as being a source of food and medicine. Trees and their products play an enormous part in our everyday lives, providing the paper for our books and newspapers, many of the fruits we eat and much of the furniture we have in our homes. Trees have also meant so much more than a simple, physical resource. They feature in our religions, myths, folklore and have inspired artists and writers. This attractively illustrated guide explores trees from around the world, offering detailed entries on over 120 different chairs. Each entry includes detailed facts about a tree and a fascinating outline of the tree's history and traditional uses. The accessible introduction explains firstly what a tree is and gives a guide to a man in a van... Contents: Introduction; Identification; The Anatomy of a Tree; Bark and Trunk; Leaves; Tree Reproduction. Trees: Conifer and Maidenhair; Flowering Trees & Primitive Angiosperms; Monocotyledons; Dicotyledons; Glossary; Leaf Shapes; Index; Bibliography; Picture Credits