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Dressage The Holistic Approach to Success DVD

Dressage The Holistic Approach to Success DVD

Model Number: 827061000936

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The Holistic Approach to Success

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Benjamin Werndl

Always on the horse's side!

"Management and Training: this is how the professionals do it
Siblings Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Benjamin Werndl work with a holistic training approach for horse and rider. In this film they explain how every committed rider can optimize training, attitude, equipment and everyday life. With this it becomes possible to develop and give the very best performance.

Their concept is based on total fairness to the horse. Their work will give you a much broader view: they consciously integrate elements from other areas of equitation.

Learn how to design your training programme in order to
Optimize the design of your horse's training
Make yourself mentally and physically fit as a rider
Maximize your environment so that horse and rider can give their best performance

Building blocks to reach these goals are
Training plan: Rich in variety and customized throughout the season
An outsider's view: The importance of lessons and training support
Work in hand: Developing piaffe and passage with Andreas Hausberger, chief instructor of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna
Strength and stamina: Canter training for dressage horses
Trust and calm: Horsemanship training for competition horses with trainer Warwick McLean
A clear head: How horse and rider become mentally prepared for the dressage test
Rider fitness: Yoga and concentration exercises, endurance and strength training lead to better riding
Teamwork: More successful together than alone
Health and individual care: Prevention, veterinary and alternative medicine for horses
Appropriate care: Daily turn out, need-based feed, a well-fitting saddle and the right blacksmith
Regeneration and rest: Paddock and downtime increase motivation

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl is a member of thte German Dressage A Squad. Riding Unee BB, she won the bronze medal in the team competition at the European Championships in 2015.

Her brother Benjamin Werndl is also in thenational squad and features in the Top 50 of the FEI world dressage ranking list. They train and bring on young talented dressage horses to the highest level at their riding establishment - Aubenhausen - HOME of the DRESSAGE HORSE. What is most important for them both is to ensure the horses get pleasure out of work and that they are fair to them - that's why their motto is: always on the horse's side!"

Approx. 77 mins.