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Sylvia Loch The Classical Riding Club Dressage Convention DVD

Sylvia Loch The Classical Riding Club Dressage Convention DVD

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Sylvia Loch
The Classical Riding Club
Dressage Convention


What is Classical Riding?
Ethos and Ideals
Horsefriendly Dressage

The schooling of the dressage horse has gone through many changes in the last few decades and the CRC has had a major part to play worldwide. Slyvia Loch devised the CRC Dressage Tests and Dressage Judging criteria, parts of which have influenced British Dressage and other national bodies. Sylvia was one of the first to highlight and condemn harsh practices, such as over-bending (rollkur) and the use of draw reins and other artificial adgets to obtain 'an outline'. Due to her campaigning and more informed attitudes all round, these crude practices are now largely discredited although the work to improve life for the dressage horse must still go on.

To celebrate the CRC's 21st Anniversary, Sylvia invited four well-known international dressage trainers to joing her and to demonstrate and share their ethos with the general public. A full day of teaching demonstrations took place at Keysoe Equestrian Centre, near Bedford. Volunteers to ride at this very special occasion were drawn from all levels of dresage and none of the riders selected had been previously taught by their coach for the day. Everything, therefore, in this DVD is clearly unrehearsed. Towards the end of the day, our cmaera-man was urgently called away before filming was finished, so Sylvia's own demo with her stallion Prazer and that of HM the Queen's horse Quadrille, ridden by Robson is sadly not featured. Nevertheless, with 6 training presentations including a brilliant demonstration of the Work in Hand and 9 horses featured in total, this DVD will give many hours of educated viewing and advice to those who want to improve their own horses - whatever its breed or size.

Colonel Christian Carde (France), Nuno Cavaco (Portugal), Sylvia Loch and Patrick Print FBHS (UK), and Uwe Spenlen (Germany).

The Classical Riding Club
In July 2016, the Classical Riding Club, affectionately known to its Members as the CRC, celebrated its 21st Birthday. The Club is the brainchild of Sylvia Loch, an Accredited Instructor of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and has over 20,000 followers world-wide. It is proud to count amongst its Patrons, Olympic medallist Carl Hester MBE.

Over many years, the Club has influenced and changed much of the philosophy of how horses like to be ridden, and how they should be ridden. its main aim has always been to enlighten and educate thorugh well established, proven and humane classical methods. With Membership now free to all applicants, it provides an ever-growing support system via the internet to all riders and their horses - see"