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Sensitive Schooling for the Less than Perfect Horse with Sylvia Loch DVD

Sensitive Schooling for the Less than Perfect Horse with Sylvia Loch DVD

Model Number: 802741199667

£29.99 GBP
Sensitive schooling for the less than perfect horse with Sylvia Loch
Volumes 2 & 3
Collection Explored and Confirmed

2 DVD set

"Anyone who has watched Sylvia Loch's Sensitive Schooling Volume I will remember the amazing depth and breadth of the interactive content. Riding and speaking live to camera, Sylvia demonstrates in a real life, unedited series how to achieve total one-ness with the young horse. This is Schooling for Real! The horse is learning to develop balance and confidence in his transitions, how to bend and straighten with ease and how to improve his gaits and posture generally. More important, you discover how this is achieved.

In this new series, Volumes II and III, Sylvia takes us from that early Novice Stage right up to Advanced Levels, again explaining as she rides. We are shown the pitfalls that will arise in these schoooling sessions as well as the triumphs. These honest and valuable insihgts are truly amazing - they give us the tools for our own work. Also, the inspiration.

Sensitive Schooling Volume II
Collection Explored

Two case studies - we see one stallion (Prazer is now 3 yrs. older) and one mare of very different confirmation and character, developing Collection. The School Exercises are used to build muscles and topline, we see common problems addressed and how each horse can be brought to a state of real engagement. By sharing her training techniques with you, this talented international trainer is committed to helping your horse - wherever you live, whatever your goals.

Sensitive Schooling Volume III
Collection Confirmed

Further studies with 3 horses demonstrate how refined but clear the aids must be to advance the degree of Collection to bring about a state of Lightness. The weight aids, so necessary for good Flying Changes, Piaffe and Passage and even Spanish Walk are demonstrated in depth. This is a rare chance to work with someone who has trained many horses to these levels over several decades. How can we use Spanish Walk to improve Extension? Once you see this DVD you will be left in no doubt!

Unique Training
Sylvia's methods are based on a good seat, patience and reward. Live to camera she shares her philosophy with you, refusing to over-face the horse and working honestly - to show when to push on and when to step back. This is a very special and beautiful film which makes compulsive viewing."

Approx. 3 hours.