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Horse Hero Laura Bechtolsheimer and Dr B Train their Future Stars DVD

Horse Hero Laura Bechtolsheimer and Dr B Train their Future Stars DVD

Model Number: 705105854359

£19.99 GBP
The youngest rider to win the National Championships and to represent Great Britain in dressage, Laura made her Olympic debut in 2008. In 2009 she own team and individual medals at the European Championships.

Horse Hero’s Fiona Price sets the scene at the Bechtolsheimer’s fabulous yard.

Dr Bechtolsheimer long-reins Step
Dr B demonstrates long reining on the 5 year old Stepdance (Step). He explains how this teaches youngsters to understand the contact, half halts and transitions without the hindrance of a rider. His calmness is a tonic.

Starting the 4 year old, Joey
Laura shows her stunning 4 year old to trainer Klaus Balkenhol and Dr B translates he lesson which is given in German. Klaus asks Laura to find a regular rhythm and contact and to make corrections quietly. Joey works from a long rein to a loose rein. Short intervals of collected work then follow and the start of half halts. The session is perfectly timed to suit Joey’s concentration span!

Stars for the future
Teddy and Stepdance (Step) are 5 year olds but are at different stages of training due to their size and conformation. Laura riders Step and Carl Cuypers rides the enormous Teddy. Their work seems similar but differs in intensity. Step is able to collect and balance, take sitting trot and a deeper seat. Carl rides Teddy tactfully with shallow corners so he can maintain his balance.

Running time: 1 hr 4 mins