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Heartland DVD Boxed Set: Complete Series Eleven

Heartland DVD Boxed Set: Complete Series Eleven

Model Number: 5034741413510

£19.99 GBP
Heartland Complete Eleventh Season DVDs

Season eleven sees the Bartlett-Flemings experience life-changing events, testing their bonds as a family, while leading them down a road to exciting adventures and unexpected challenges. Amy and Ty find it a challenge to balance their professional schedules with the realities of raising a new born, especially as Ty's work pulls him away from home from time to time. But Amy is determined to return to her roots, working her magic with horses others have given up on. And she takes on even more responsibility as a coach when Georgie is offered an exciting opportunity, pushing her riding skills to the limit.
At the same time, Tim struggles to come to terms with shocking news that completely throws his life off balance, and as her business enterprise continues to grow, Lou must find a way to stay in the loop to keep herself from becoming a stranger to her own family. Along the way, Jack and Lisa take the next step in their relationship, while leaning on each other as they face personal struggles that test their ability to keep their marriage a priority.

18 episodes over 6 discs.
760 mins with 144 mins of extras. Region 2.