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Your Horse Magazine: Riding Techniques

Your Horse Magazine: Riding Techniques

Model Number: 9781844250899

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Damaged jacket. Most horse riders pursue some goal or another – wanting to jump higher, wider or faster, to succeed in competition, or maybe just to overcome a fear. Whatever your own personal ambition, the main question is always, ‘How do I do that?’ This book, distilled from the pages of Your Horse, Britain’s best-selling horse magazine, has the answers.

Contributors include the renowned international trainer Tina Sederholm, international dressage rider and trainer Joanna Jackson, show jumper Geoff Luckett, triple Olympic gold medallist Matt Ryan, and the top Irish international show jumper Peter Charles.

As well as general advice, setting out the various approaches to riding, fitness and competing, Riding Techniques deals with specific problems and their remedies, with tailor-made exercises designed to overcome each challenge. There are also ‘private lessons’, giving you invaluable insights into how particular trainers make progress and deal with common issues. Intriguingly, there is often more than one way of achieving the same result.

There is a saying, ‘A horse is always a horse, but a human being is not always a rider.’ Without exception, the trainers in this book concentrate their attention on the rider’s position and communication with the horse. Examining this interaction is an ongoing process for every rider. Eventually you will discover that your horses are your best teachers. Take the suggestions in this book, try them out and see which ones work for you.