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Training Aids in Theory and Practice by Elwyn Hartley Edwards

Training Aids in Theory and Practice by Elwyn Hartley Edwards

Model Number: 9780851315287

£3.99 GBP

In this book, both accepted and controversial training equipment is examined objectively in terms of its purpose, fitting, action and effect.  Schooling and lungeing equipment, together with the various types of side reins are considered, as is the breaking tackle used by the old horse tamers.

Running and draw reins are assessed, as are the Chambon and de Gogue, Galvayne’s leading harness, balancing reins, and many more items.  Whips and spurs are also included.

Although the book is mainly concerned with the mechanics of equipment, the author, distinguished equestrian writer, Elwyn Hartley Edwards, is at pains to consider the items examined within progressive systems of training, and with a sound understanding of their principles and effects, stressing that any item of equipment only becomes unacceptable when misused.