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*pre-order* Your Complete Guide to Equine Arenas by Abigail Boatwright

*pre-order* Your Complete Guide to Equine Arenas by Abigail Boatwright

Model Number: 9781646011179

£25.00 GBP

Pre-order. Release date 14th July 2024.

One of the secrets to keeping horses sound, reducing injuries, and enabling them to reach peak performance, whatever their discipline, is careful consideration of the surfaces on which they are trained and conditioned. Intentional steps must be taken to create the ideal conditions with the biomechanics of the horse and specific demands of the sport in mind. The good news is that decades of study and millions of dollars have been put into the development of best practices at the highest levels of Western, English, and racing competition, and in this meticulously researched book, horse industry veteran Abigail Boatwright boils it all down into a set of guidelines that anyone can use to improve their ground at home. Whether you're starting with an empty field or renovating an existing arena, the expertise Boatwright has gathered will help you make sure the riding and training space you have is the very best it can be: safe for both horse and rider, functional and correct for your chosen equine activity, and prepared to help rather than hinder the development of your horse's performance. Insight, tips, and advice from leading arena builders and maintenance tool creators supplements expertise specific to a wide range of Western and English disciplines, as well as racing, along with both indoor and outdoor training spaces. Readers find clear instructions in how to:

- Plan your own arena, from the ground up.

- Choose footing materials appropriate for your climate, your horses, and your activities.

-Select arena maintenance tools that are worth the investment.

- Properly prepare and care for your arena to the specifications your sport requires.

- Problem-solve issues with moisture or lack of, footing composition, fencing and kickboards, and so much more.

With professional colour photographs and diagrams to illustrate the concepts, as well as hundreds of tips and ideas on how to preserve the horse's health and longevity through proper arena preparation and care, this is not only a great reference book, it's an invaluable insurance policy.