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Understanding Fitness and Training by David Hamer

Understanding Fitness and Training by David Hamer

Model Number: 9780706377019

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No matter which branch of equestrian activity you choose to pursue, a horse in good health and with enough energy and stamina will perform at its best. The foundations of such a perfect condition are a diet to provide all the ingredients essential to build tough bone and muscle, coupled with a well thought out training programme to develop strength and stamina. Together these should produce a horse that is strong, confident in its rider, skilled at its work, and willing to give its best. Whether you set out to win or just enjoy the rider, a combination of horse and rider that are fit and well trained will ensure that performance and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Advice on early training and a general conditioning programme to bring your horse up to a basic level of fitness.

Principles of fitness for dressage, show jumping and eventing explained.

Sample training programmes included.