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Two Brains One Aim by Eric Smiley FBHS with Ellie Hughes - Signed Copy

Two Brains One Aim by Eric Smiley FBHS with Ellie Hughes - Signed Copy

Model Number: 9781910016404

£19.95 GBP
Every horse person strives to grow in ability and understanding over time, whether in the saddle, on the ground, or in the stable, whether in ways that are small or those that are significant. This effort, when done right, lasts a lifetime, and along the way requires the addition of knowledge and experience gleaned from numerous others. Where does one find leadership within the equine industry? How does one know to whom to turn for information? Does riding require an instructor, a trainer, a coach? Can you get by with part-time guidance? Can you effectively learn on your own, with just the occasional directive, and still find personal or competitive success?

With this book, renowned clinician and international team coach Eric Smiley intends to fill the gap when it comes to these questions and others, providing a reliable resource and educational companion for the aspiring equestrian. Smiley addresses fundamental topics pertinent to riders, with philosophical discussion and practical exercises applicable to all levels. Along the way he strives to educate them on being taught, and perhaps, one day, becoming teachers.

His aim is to bring together the mind of the rider with the mind of the horse, while highlighting the key component in their synergy: understanding. It is how that understanding is acquired, retained, and put to use that is the key to success.