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Riding and Schooling by Clare Albinson

Riding and Schooling by Clare Albinson

Model Number: 9780716021186

£3.99 GBP


Whether you want a show jumper, a well-mannered hack, a dressage horse, a brave hunter, or a reliable child’s pony, the foundations which you need to lay are the same.

This book explains the importance of the horse’s balance and how to achieve it.  It describes how to ride well, using classical riding techniques.  It explains the benefit of working horses on the bit, why they often don’t and how to help them do it.  It teaches you how to introduce your horse to jumping and solve most jumping problems. 

A feature of the book is the many exercises to help your horse to become stronger, better balance and more supple, and hence more successful in whatever sphere of the horse world you may wish to enter.