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Competitive Riding: An Illustrated Manual of Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing by Jane Holderness-Roddam

Competitive Riding: An Illustrated Manual of Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing by Jane Holderness-Roddam

Model Number: 9780861013586

£8.00 GBP
Some wear to the jacket. This book aims to present in detail the general requirements for the sports and to explain how to set about aiming for the top level competitions, focusing on both the mental and physical necessities for horse and rider.

The first section opens with a history of equestrian sport in general. This is followed by an assessment of the basic essentials, such as equipment and training facilities, vital to each particular branch of equitation. The section also includes advice on selecting the right horse, with hints on what is considered ‘the ideal’ for the different sports.

The second section deals with the management and training of the horse, including stable care in specific relation to the competition horse. Feeding is also covered, with advice on the relative values of the different feeds available; the use of various types of bedding; the importance of working, vaccination etc; plus helpful charts for use as reminders.

Fitness of the horse for the different events is discussed with suggested programmes, and general training techniques from novice to advanced level are presented. The more advanced movements required for the dressage horse; grids and athletic exercises to help the jumper and event horse, as well as hints on riding a test and a show jumping course are all included. The methods used by some of the world’s top trainers are explained and photographs demonstrate many helpful and interesting points to complement the text.

The third and final section focuses on the competitive scene itself, emphasizing what is to be expected at each level. There are hints and advice on how to plan your day and get the best out of it; a checklist of the correct clothes, tack and protection for rider and horse; what to aim for in relation to the horse’s standard at the time and the special considerations of the ‘big occasion’. Full colour photographs, including unique sequences, show many of the top riders in action.