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Bolder, Braver, Brighter: The Guide to Living Your Best Life on Horseback by Coach Daniel Stewart

Bolder, Braver, Brighter: The Guide to Living Your Best Life on Horseback by Coach Daniel Stewart

Model Number: 9781646010325

£22.99 GBP

Exciting ideas for achieving riding and training goals from the master of mental training for the equestrian athlete.

Coach Daniel Stewart, author of the hit mind-and-body equestrian workout Fit and Focused in 52, is back with new plans to power you up, bolster your confidence, and supply you with the mental tools you need to be all you can be, in and out of the saddle. With Coach Stewart's infectious optimism and indomitable sense of fun, readers will find themselves embracing exhilarating changes in their outlook and their abilities. The evolution from “good enough” to “better” begins with:

• Understanding the attributes that create success.
• Comprehending the four stages of competence.
• Improving mindfulness of actions and reactions.
• Identifying good stress and bad stress—and handling both.
• Eliminating pressure as a threat.
• Managing nervousness, hesitation, and doubt.
• Overcoming failure and perfectionism.
• Removing limiting beliefs.
• Moving beyond expectations and comparisons to others.
• Becoming a good “mirror” for ourselves and others.
• Beating blind spot biases—beliefs you're not aware of that harm you.
• Mastering memories and how the brain processes information.

Infusing his words with energy and compassion, Coach Stewart offers everyone a chance of attaining self-fulfilment and joy when working with and riding horses. His concepts are friendly, fun, and easy to implement, making his book chock full of potential—just like you.

Bolder, Braver, Brighter is for every rider seeking improved performance in the saddle and partnership with the horse.