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All Horse Systems Go by Nancy S. Loving, DVM

All Horse Systems Go by Nancy S. Loving, DVM

Model Number: 9781570763328

£30.00 GBP

The horse owner’s full-colour veterinary care and conditioning resource for modern performance, sport and pleasure horses.

Solutions to common health issues

Identifying infections disease

Managing and treating lameness

Pain therapies

Fitness evaluation

Conditioning strategies

Feeding and nutrition

Preventive care

First aid and medications


Keep your working horse in working order.  This definitive book includes...

Hoof structure, proper care, and shoeing

Conditioning bone to reach peak strength

Joint function, injury, and disease

Muscle fuels, fibre types, and performance

Tendon and ligament repair and therapy

Signs, causes, and treatments of back pain

Cardiovascular conditioning techniques

Maintaining a healthy respiratory system

Dental effects on health and performance

Structure and disease of the digestive tract

Nutritional management

The role of skin in thermoregulation

Managing medical emergencies

Administering injections and medication

Safe methods of restraint

Managing internal parasites

Controlling psychological stress

The equine eye and the horse’s perception

Nervous system function, trauma, and disease

Breeding and reproductive cycles